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Over the green majestic South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where the air is cleaner, the distant sounds of waves brings about a background óf serenity and people still have an undeniable relationship with nature is where you will find Moringa Oleifera Farms which will be providing a portion of the raw product found in every can of Superinga. The wonder plant is famous for being the most nutrient rich plant in the world, containing up to 200 times the anti-oxidants found in green tea and just about every important vitamin and mineral needed to ensure that the body gets what it needs to support healthy functioning.

Superinga packs 5 times the potency of Moringa and is available in a convenient 250 ml can, providing a boost of energy that quenches the body’s thirst for minerals, vitamins and amino acids which are otherwise only available in part and in smaller concentrations in many food groups which makes it almost impossible to ensure a balanced daily intake of everything the body and mind needs. Superinga makes it possible. It truly is unrivalled Greatness in a Can.

100 % Natural Ingredients

Synthetic caffeine free

No Preservatives

No Artificial colourants, sweetners

MSG Free

100 % plant sourced extract

Our extract contains 5 times the potency of Moringa

Ethically produced


46 Anti-Oxidants                   

36 Anti-Inflammatory Compounds           

8 essential amino acids

12 Non-Essential Amino Acids

Brimming with Bio-available iron

25 Plant based vitamins and minerals              

100 % Natural Ingredients

5 x the potency

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Superinga has been at the forefront of research into the real life benefits that Moringa brings to anyone who consumes it on a regular basis. By now you already know about the vast array of nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids. Another key constituent of Moringa is Zeatin, which plays a part in the generation of new skin cells and therefore has super anti-aging effects…..

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Sustainable and Co-operative Farming Initiative 

The founding executives of Superinga have invested in a sustainable co-operative farming programme in the Ugu District of the KZN South Coast. The yields of the farm will contribute significantly to the raw material that goes into every can of Superinga. We assist the locals by providing training, Moringa Oleifera seeds, farming equipment and a drying facility to develop commercialization processes correctly. Our ethos revolves around ensuring positive contributions are made along every step of the value chain from planting a Moringa seed to you grabbing a cold can of Superinga out of the fridge and taking in all of that brilliant natural goodness.

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